We Care... Campus Awareness Requires Everyone



There are several resources available to help keep our campus safe. Take a moment to become familiar with these resources now so that you will know how to help someone who is under stress or react should there be an emergency situation on campus.

UT Police (210) 567-8911

The UT Health Science Center Police Department offers many resources to help faculty, staff and students prepare for emergencies:

Call (210) 567-CARE (2273)

  • To voice a concern about an individual’s behavior
  • If there is acute danger, they will send an officer immediately
  • If not acute, referral to the Counseling Service for students or UT Employee Assistance Program for faculty and staff members

Important phone numbers

  • Call 911 from any campus phone to request immediate emergency help
  • Call (210) 567-8911 on your mobile device to request immediate help from UT Police
  • Call (210) 567-2800 for nonemergency police assistance

HSC Alert

HSC Alert provides information regarding a campus emergency or closure. You must enroll to receive a text message and/or e-mail alert.

Counseling Service

Mia Veve, Ph.D. Director of the Student Counseling Center
Services provided in the School of Medicine Building, Room 101F, 567-2648

Human Resources

Amy Tawney
Vice President for Human Resources
Samantha Smith, NHRM
Sr. Director of Employee Relations & Professional Development

Title IX

Juliette I. Montemayor, LMSW, JD
Director, Educational Support Services & Title IX Coordinator