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Faculty and Staff Resources


Caring enough to call

Call (210) 567-CARE (2273) to share a concern about a Health Science Center colleague, friend or perhaps even yourself, who may need help in dealing with a difficult situation. This is a nonemergency phone number answered by the UT Health Science Center Police Department. Dispatchers will help determine whether an immediate response is needed or whether a referral for assistance is the best approach.

Calls to this phone number are confidential within the limits of the law.

You can also call this number to request general nonemergency police assistance, such as an escort to your car, help with a dead battery or assistance if you are locked out of your office.

UT Employee Assistance Program

The UT Employee Assistance Program, offered through Human Resources, provides counseling services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Appointments with a counselor can be arranged within an identified zip code within 48 hours, or for those who feel they are in crisis, there are licensed therapists available immediately to help by phone. To make an appointment or talk with a therapist immediately call toll free (866) 320-2593.

HR assistance for supervisors

Human Resources employee relations consultants are available to advise supervisors regarding employee issues. The consultants are assigned to specific departments:

Human Resources employee relations consultants
J. Michael Tesh Vice President for Human Resources (210) 567-2600
Heather Kobbe School of Medicine, Dentistry, UT Medicine, CTRC, So. Texas Locations (210) 567-2323
Savosha Knowles-Norwood School of Medicine, Dentistry, UT Medicine, CTRC, So. Texas Locations (210) 567-2593
Linda Sendaula School of Nursing, Dental School, Research, Academic and Student Affairs, Internal Audit, External Affairs, Library, Business Units and UT Police Department (210) 567-2592
Ted Johnson VP Research, Graduate School, Academic Affairs, Development, School of Health Professions (210) 567-5606

Helping students

There are a number of resources available to assist students:

  • Student Counseling Services offers free and confidential counseling for students between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. in the School of Medicine, Room 101F. Call (210) 567-2648.
  • The Student Health Center provides medical services for students on the Long Campus in San Antonio. Check the Student Health Center Web page for information about health services provided for students at the Regional Campus in Laredo and the Regional Academic Health Center campuses in Harlingen and Edinburg.
  • Help for students is also available through Student Services and the dean’s offices of the individual schools:

Academic contact numbers
Dental School Adriana Segura, D.D.S., M.S.
Associate Dean for Student Affairs
(210) 567-3180
Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences Sophia Piña, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean
(210) 567-3984
School of Health Professions Patricia A. Brewer, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
(210) 567-8761
School of Medicine Florence Eddins-Folensbee, M.D.
Associate Dean for Student Affairs
(210) 567-4429
School of Nursing Hilda Mejia Abreu
Associate Dean for Admissions and Student Services
(210) 567-5805