We Care... Campus Awareness Requires Everyone

Helpful Information


Warning signs

Become familiar with warning signs of behavior that could escalate into violence:

  • Verbal, nonverbal or written threats of intimidation
  • Explicit or subtle, direct or veiled threats
  • Indications of marked mood swings
  • Violence toward inanimate objects
  • Fascination with weaponry and/or acts of violence
  • Displays of unwarranted anger
  • Reactions of fear toward an employee or student that are shared among coworkers or students
  • Sabotaging of projects or equipment
  • Holding a grudge against a specific person or verbalizing a hope that something will happen to him or her
  • Unwarranted or extreme expressions of distrust and persecution
  • Unreciprocated romantic obsession
  • Inappropriate or destructive behavior in response to significant life stress, such as divorce, death or job loss
  • Strong external reactions to criticism
  • Physical reactions that indicate extreme stress or anger, such as clenching of fists, red in face and pacing
  • Distressing or concerning expressions of hopelessness or heightened anxiety
  • Lack of concern for the safety of others

Intervention tips

Most of us are reluctant to become involved in a friend or colleague’s personal business. However, a genuine expression of care and concern, along with a referral for help, may help avert stress, behavioral concerns or violence.

In any intervention, the UT Police, Student Counseling Service, UT Employee Assistance Program and Wellness 360 respect the privacy of the individual. Each agency works within the laws of privacy.